Thermoplastic rubber elastomer (is known as TPR for short) may also be referred to as simply elastomer, thermoplastic rubber, etc. It is a material with both rubber and plastic characteristics. In Asia and the domestic area commonly referred thermoplastic rubber as TPR and in other countries, they referred it as TPS (or TPEs, Thermoplastic Elastomers). We will call it as TPS in this section, and also, it is a blending mixture of styrene elastomers (SBS /SEBS /SIS /SEPS).

The thermoplastic elastomers(TPE)/thermoplastic rubbers(TPS/TPR) have weaker heat resistance than traditional rubber. Therefore, they will be easily soften or melt at higher temperatures. When the processing temperature increases, its physical properties will relatively decrease. The processing of this material has certain temperature limitations. However, with the good physical properties and electrical insulating properties, it is still the popular and preferred material to be used in wide range of applications.