TPE Compound : The best selection for disposable gloves?

As a TPE materials supplier, Everlon has been striving to develop eco-friendly and sustainable products for various industries. One of our success stories is the development of recyclable TPE gloves that have become a popular choice for a wide range of applications, including the medical field, laboratory, food service industry, beauty industry, and handicraft industry.

The recyclable TPE gloves have several advantages over traditional latex gloves. First and foremost, they are 100% recyclable, making them an eco-friendly alternative. They are also latex-free, eliminating the risk of allergic reactions. Additionally, they offer exceptional tactile sensitivity, stretchiness, and puncture resilience, making them comfortable to wear and perfect for delicate tasks.

One of the notable achievements with the recyclable TPE gloves was when partnering with a hospital to replace their traditional latex gloves with TPE gloves. The hospital was concerned about the environmental impact of their waste and wanted to reduce it while maintaining high standards of hygiene and safety. TPE gloves proved to be an ideal solution, as they met all of the hospital's requirements and were easy to recycle. As a result of this successful partnership, the hospital was able to significantly reduce its waste and lower its environmental impact. The staff increased comfort and ease of use, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

Main Advantages from Disposable TPE Gloves

  • Latex free, does not cause allergic reactions

  • Exceptional tactile sensitivity and stretchiness

  • Thin thickness for improving Ambidextrous property

  • Comfortable fit

  • Available in different sizes for fitting human hands shape

  • Superior elastic and tensile strength

  • Medical grade puncture resilience

  • Odorless

  • Comply to certification of FDA and USP Class VI

  • Recyclable at any step for reducing the cost, meet the requirement on eco-friendly issue

What are Disposable TPE Gloves Used For?

TPE compound remains a popular glove material for its comfort, stretchiness, tactile sensitivity and especially 100 % recyclable. The applications of recyclable TPE gloves are extensive, and they are suitable for use in various industries. Here are some more details on how TPE gloves can be used in different fields:

  • Medical Field:
    In the medical field, TPE gloves are widely used as they offer excellent tactile sensitivity, puncture resistance, and a comfortable fit. They are commonly used by healthcare professionals during examinations, procedures, and surgeries. Everlon TPE materials meet the requirements of FDA and USP Class VI certifications, ensuring they meet the highest standards for medical use.

  • In the Laboratory:
    Laboratory work requires gloves that provide chemical resistance and protection against hazardous materials. TPE gloves have excellent chemical resistance properties, making them ideal for laboratory work. They are perfect for tasks such as handling chemicals, lab samples, and other hazardous materials. They offer superior puncture resilience, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful substances.

  • Food Service Field:
    In the food service industry, TPE gloves are used to maintain hygiene standards and prevent cross-contamination. TPE gloves are suitable for use in food handling and processing, food packaging, and food delivery. They are odorless and do not impart any flavors to food, ensuring that the taste and quality of food remain intact.

  • Beauty Industry:
    In the beauty industry, TPE gloves are used for a variety of applications, including hair coloring, nail care, and skincare. TPE gloves provide exceptional tactile sensitivity, allowing beauty professionals to perform their work with precision and ease. They are available in different sizes and colors, making it easy to choose the perfect fit for any job.

  • Handicraft Industry:
    The handicraft industry requires gloves that are comfortable, flexible, and durable. TPE gloves are perfect for use in handicrafts such as painting, sewing, and crafting. They offer superior stretchiness, allowing the wearer to move their hands freely and perform intricate tasks with ease.

  • Industry Sectors:
    TPE gloves are widely used in various industry sectors, including automotive, manufacturing, and construction. They offer excellent grip and superior puncture resilience, making them perfect for tasks that require a high level of dexterity and protection. They are also suitable for tasks that require protection against oils, grease, and other substances commonly found in industrial settings.

How to Manufacture TPE gloves?

Select suitable TPE materials, which formulations designed based on the requirements from each application, such as the gloves for medical field, food service applications, industry applications etc.

Make the TPE thin film through extrusion casting process.

Place two layers of the casted film in parallel, die cutting and heat sealing the two layers film.

Overall, the recyclable TPE gloves have become a popular choice for various industries, thanks to their superior qualities and environmental benefits. At Everlon, we will continue to innovate and develop sustainable products that meet the needs of our customers and the world. To customize the TPE compound for your unique glove design, please contact with Everlon Team for details !