What Is Packaging-Grade TPE?

The innovative packaging designs are providing more solutions to food and content safety. Sustainable thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are now widely used as packaging materials for food and pharmaceutical markets. They protect the contents from moisture, oxygen and biological contaminants. To extend shelf-life of food products for making them safe to be consumed.

  • Enjoy the outstanding protection with quick removal from various substrates for food and pharmaceutical packaging industries.

  • Optimize food and medical packaging seal, meets the validation requirements and the regulatory controlled.

  • Recyclable TPE material that is part of our lives is plastic, its recycling is one of the fundamental tasks.

Easy Peel Film for Packaging Industry?

Packaging industry is a fast-growing sector for food and pharmaceutical industry. Easy Peel Film is a very economical option which compared to the conventional rigid plastic lid design. Everlon develops TPE compounds processing through film blowing and casting of multilayer film, the TPE materials comply to FDA and USP Class VI certifications, they are specifically for the packaging of single-use to food and medical instruments.

Moisture Absorption Material & Film for Packaging?

The function required flexible package with moisture absorption property for lowering the humidity and extending shelf-lives, which deliver a safe content inside the package to the consumer. Traditional desiccant (Silica gel) was packed into a pouch and put together with the product, especially for food and pharmaceutical which are sensitive to moisture contamination issue.

Everlon developed a high functional resin with extra moisture absorption property, which integrates the materials with resin and desiccants together for film blowing, film casting, extrusion and more other plastic processing methods etc. The moisture absorption material keeps the content inside the pouch at a low humidity and prevent their quality deterioration.

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