TPE in Medical and Healthcare Applications

TPE material for medical industry is critical for high performance designs and applications, addresses sterilization and allows the contact with body without skin sensitization issue, meet high standards of regulatory requirements, comply to ISO 10993, USP Class VI and FDA. TPE solutions from Everlon technical expertise supporting design flexibility for medical devices development for decades.

Discover More TPE Advantages

The medical-grade TPE compounds from Everlon can be conducted through a variety of cost-efficient production process, such as injection molding, extrusion molding, blowing and casting molding. The designs of medical parts can be injected parts, tubes, films, sheets, profiles for wide range of medical device requirements.

Everlon TM series compounds are recyclable, easy to be colored and various levels of transparency materials available, high heat resistance property, superior compression set performance for stopper requirements, kinking free for tube designs.

TPE materials owned the key advantage as substitution to PVC and silicon rubber. The issue of environmental-friendly to be concerned when applying PVC materials. High cost on both materials and operating process from silicon rubber for making medical parts. TPE offers more opportunities for designing cleaner and eco-conscious medical devices, they are disposable and recyclable at any step without releasing halogens.

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